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Ruth Juarez ~ Bio

Ruth Juarez ~ Bio

My name is Ruth A. Smith, my married name. I have ventured into starting my own business, a company to furnish quality interpretation and translation services. I have the training, the knowledge, the experience and the professionalism to provide premium interpretation and translation services at competitive rates.  

I am a Federally Certified Interpreter and Translator and a California State Certified Interpreter and Translator. I have interpreted in high profile cases with international repercussions, both in civil and criminal cases. I have interpreted in attorney-client interviews and in highly charged and difficult meetings among American federal prosecutors with their Mexican counterparts. Each one of the jobs has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, experience and satisfaction to be able to have such an important role in establishing communication between the Spanish speaking world and the English speaking world.

I am also a professional Conference Interpreter with vast experience in simultaneous conference interpretation. Everything began in Mexico City, the largest city in the world, where I was born and raised.

Conference Interpretation

My maiden name is Ruth A. Juarez. I started working as an interpreter in 1991. I still remember my first job. It was a Photography seminar at Kodak given by a very famous American photographer. I knew before then that Interpretation was my love, but after that course I knew that I did not want to do any other thing in my life, but to interpret and translate. At that job I interpreted in the simultaneous mode, I interpreted in the consecutive mode, I interpreted in the whispering mode, I visited gorgeous sites at 4 in the morning to wait for the sun to come up and allow the presenter to take pictures with different lights and teach his magic, I even had my portrait taken and I still have those negatives.

After that, there a was a multitude of conferences, congresses, seminars, meetings, courses, site tours, press conferences, interviews, small and large, where I interpreted in every single interpretation mode with equipment and without equipment, indoors and outdoors, throughout Mexico and abroad. I have interpreted for 1 person to 2000 people. I have interpreted easy topics and very difficult subject matters. I have interpreted from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. I have interpreted by myself and I have interpreted at conferences with 30 interpreters in multiple languages. I have interpreted for presidents, mayors, governors, VIPs, politicians, sports personalities, CEOs, entertainment personalities, famous motivational speakers, doctors, engineers, professors, scientists, businessmen, from all over the world.

Court Interpretation

In 1995, I became certified by the State of California as a Judiciary interpreter. I started interpreting at DMV hearings, medical appointments, worker's compensation cases, depositions, trials, both civil and criminal, immigration hearings, attorney-client interviews and continued doing conference interpretation and of course translation work. I also started working for the Courts of the State of California and have had opportunity to participate in countless cases, from a simple traffic citation to high profile cases involving multiple defendants. I have had the best of both worlds. Throughout the years I have enjoyed being able to provide my services to facilitate communication in so many different arenas, meeting so many people in all walks of life.

Translation Work

Since my college years, I was already working as a translator. I thought translation was easier than interpreting, but I was wrong. I "was able to translate because I was already bilingual" or so I thought. I went through intensive training in the Art of Translation, just like I did in the Art of Interpretation. I realized that being a translator was not as difficult as being an interpreter, it was just a different discipline, difficult nonetheless. As a translator, one has more time to research the most accurate term or phrase, but once you have submitted a final translation whatever you write is forever. There is no way back. It is an indelible sample of one's work as a translator.

I have had the opportunity to translate documents in small projects and large projects as well, with rush deadlines, which is usually the norm in the translation world. I have translated very simple documents to very complicated legal documents, such as bids, contracts, bi-national trade agreements, probate files, civil and criminal court files, both at State and Federal level. I have translated in multiple areas of specialization such as accounting, medicine, engineering, communications, information technology, patents, chemistry, marketing, education, business, banking, real estate, environment to name some. I translate fast and accurately and take pride in my work.

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